Meet Cynthia

Envisionary Woman

Can I just tell you how delighted I am that you are here?

My name is Cynthia Kasper and I grew up on a farm. I love the sound of peepers on a warm spring night, old rusty things, Ambient Electronic music and simple food. I am not into excess, American Idol or Advil.

My mother is very petite with beautiful hands. I am tallish and my hands used to be a source of embarrassment. That was until I realized that they were just like my paternal grandmother’s hands. Her hands could dig in the garden dirt, sew a dress, roast a turkey or comfort a child. Working hands. Healing hands. When I realized that I had inherited my grandmother’s hands, I came to terms with my own as well as with my purpose in life. I am a healer. A visionary. A leader.

I now live in the city. As a matter of fact, I have lived in many cities. And I have done many things. For instance, I taught high school science, managed bond portfolios for wealthy people, trained as a massage therapist, was a macrobiotic personal chef for the chronically ill and I currently practice medicinal aromatherapy. I also have single-handedly parented a bright, tenacious son–no small feat, let me tell ya.

The longing set in after the birth of my only child. Perhaps you experienced this same longing. I longed for my tribe. Women who naturally birthed and breastfed their babies, tended a garden and cooked healthy foods, recycled and resourced and who also relied on alternative health remedies; women who questioned public education and traditional religion and who could be counted on for support and an honest opinion. Oftentimes, distraught with caring for an inconsolable infant and struggling with post-partum depression, I would throw back my head and cry “Where is my TRIBE?”

So I made it my business to create my tribe. Day by day, new friend by new friend, I developed relationships with like-minded women. I attended classes and workshops to create connection. I hosted small gatherings to develop community. And together we raised our children, lived ourselves in and out of countless relationships and grew in wisdom and understanding.

Now here I stand; entering my time of Matriarchy, filled with determination, fierceness and experience, putting it all together and taking it on the road…

Thank you for being a reader. I feel honored and humbled that you would find strength and empowerment by following this blog.

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